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What is SOS? Survivor meets big brother in my opinion. You take the role of a contestant on a reality show involving 15 other players the aim? kill to escape, make friends to escape or be killed. While there is a lot to say about this game I will start off with the cons.


The game is a lot of fun but it has limitations the main cons to the game that I found are as follows

1 – The number of players, the game is currently only averaging an amount of 400 players per day put that into teams of 16 and you’re looking at a high chance of always being matched against the same players making it frustrating, for example – you make friends with someone in game either you betray them or they betray you now a constant target is set on your back every game either they will find you and target you early game with a kill on site play or vice versa you will target them. 

2 – A term known as stream sniping or even “white knight”. Stream sniping where people use a popular stream site like twitch to give away location in game and use it to their advantage of killing. White knight a term known as protecting a popular streamer example – I am a popular twitch streamer I have many fans they join my game and they protect me as the streamer, so basically you can get a 5 – 8 even more vs the rest of the players, they aim to kill everyone who comes at me and I have a high chance of survival and escape, with this my ratings go up. 

3 – Duo queue is a dead-end even before it started, duo queue takes sometimes hours and the reason while you instantly queue with your friend, if one dies they can spectate only you, sounds about fair right? However, people do not like this so they queue solo again as the chance of getting a game with your friend/friends is high and the advantage of doing a solo queue is once you or your friend dies guess what they have now unlocked the ability to ghost, a term used to follow other players know their location and give it to the rest of your team still alive making it easy for them to survive.

Now let’s talk about some cons

1 – Game-play, the concept behind the idea of the game is amazing, sixteen people one island only three can escape, catch is you can team up with other players and some will need to sacrifice themselves or be killed by the island. People betray and kill each other while it can be frustrating it makes an intense and interesting battle towards the end, that’s not to say the time leading up to the end battle isn’t fun. 

2 – The reality show behind the games makes it fun at the beginning of the game you get a few seconds to have your say in this time you can get to know your enemies or friends who is a betrayer and who are loyal contestant. You get a big brother like feel to the game by the audience watching and they can also have a say in how the game goes with regards to loot drops that can be summoned by a flare gun you find in the map. 

3 – There is no game the same, while the map remains the same thus far and you know where to find the creatures with the relics the game play itself alters, one game you can be friendly play nice and make friends, next game you can become a betrayer or aggressor kill on site and escape with the relic, the outcome is on an endless never the same story. 

4 – Roll-play, while this might sound stupid the roll play elements behind it can be fun you can let your character be whoever you want to be during your intro you get to define the type of person immediately, from the annoying person screaming in the mic to the ragers who just want to kill, every person has a unique idea of how they want to role play their character to try and survive. 

There is still a lot to say about this game, however I feel that every person’s experience is different the game goes from amazing and friendly to annoying and rage quit in seconds. The game has great ideas and concepts and there are more game-play aspects to come. While it currently lacks the proper game-play audience it has potential to grow provided the small bugs and glitches gets sorted out. I would rate the game overall an 8/10 mainly because it’s still an early release and needs a bit of work to be done, we are waiting to see just how successful it will become and if the popularity will grow over time. 

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