The Forest Review

The Forest


Everyone has nightmares about being in a plane crash and dying what can be worst? How about surviving the crash only to find you are trapped on an island with “local cannibals” And your son Timmy is gone, let’s get into some exciting pros and cons to the game. 


While I honestly cannot find anything bad about the game I will just mention a few minor things 

1 – Difficulty settings, while this is not a big issue at all there is just such a major jump from normal difficulty to hard, normal is so fun and manageable to do everything you want, hard makes the game almost impossible, the plane crash would have been a better fate. 

2 – Hackers, I have never understood why people would want to hack this game there is no point to a survival base building game if you just going to hack and rush it. From instant buildings to instant tp (teleport) it can be annoying having people just randomly jump into your server and speed build the items you were working for. There is also no report system to stop people from doing this, you can only ban them from the server but by that time they have already ruined the building for you. 

3 – Building options, the game does lack more building options it has the basics of a base building game however it makes a repetitive game-play when every base you build is going to be similar, there is an option to build boats and boathouses but it is useless as there is no part of the map you can explore with the boat, you cannot even leave the Island on the boat. 

Before I get to the pros I just want to state that regardless of the cons you will still get hours of non-stop fun and entertainment from the game. 

Let’s jump straight in then shall we


1 – You get to be a real-life survivor on a foresty island, but wait plot twist just when you thought you were alone not only does a random person/friend play with you, they survive the exact same plane crash as you, there are some lovely naked local cannibals running around and it appears that you are one as well as you can cook and eat their arms and legs. 

2 – Enemies, you never get board of enemies the game offers some fun and weird looking creatures from a fat two-legged pink blob to a baby spawning mother, the spawn rate grows as the game progresses, while you can put your building damage off building a tree house can get destroyed in seconds as I learnt the hard way after hours of building the perfect house. 

3 – The story line, I played this game for hours and hours before realizing that there was some kind of story line to the game not only to build a base and survive, I will not say exactly how the story goes except that it is not what you would expect in any survive game, you would expect to be rescued eventually. 

There is still a lot to say but I will leave a lot of the discovering to you, gameplay is fun and exciting from jump scares to peace and tranquillity on the beautiful scenery. I would rate this game a 9/10 it’s so close to hitting that perfect score on a game but it will need a bit of improvement on minor bugs still at work. 

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